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Independent Living vs. Assisted Lifestyle

Independent Living vs. Assisted Lifestyle - Parc at Duluth

Retirement is supposed to be a fun and relaxing time in your life. After decades of hard work and sacrifice, being able to reflect on your life and look forward to what the future holds is a top priority. Of course, you still need to think about your living situation and what makes the most sense for you and your life.

Many people in your situation are unsure about how much assistance they should have. At Parc at Duluth you have two distinct options to choose from: Assisted Lifestyle and Independent Living. Each has its own set of benefits, and the following guide should help you make your decision.

Assisted Lifestyle

Assisted Lifestyle at Parc at Duluth is designed for those who want to utilize the full range of our services. This includes housekeeping, three delicious meals per day, transportation services, personal assistance for daily living, snack and refreshments and a number of other features for a single, all-inclusive fee. Assisted lifestyle also provides extensive nursing and caregiving services, which includes care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will also provide daily caregiver services, such as bathing, toileting, dressing and grooming.

If you want to spend your days relaxing with all the assistance you need, the Assisted Lifestyle option at Parc at Duluth is the best choice for you.

Independent Living

If you’re more interested in being a part of the vibrant and fun community at Parc at Duluth, then the Independent Living option will suit you well. You’ll have full access to the social, cultural, education and recreational programming and activities that are available to the community, including live musical performances, local museum excursions, dance classes, access to our beautiful pool and courtyard, and much more.

Whatever option you choose, Parc at Duluth is here to help you get the most out of your retirement. Whether you are completely independent or prefer the services of our assisted lifestyle, you’ll find a real home and a real community at Parc at Duluth. To learn more about our available services and amenities or to schedule a tour of our facilities, contact Parc at Duluth at 770.285.8984.

Making the Decision to Move From the Family Home

independent senior living atlantaMoving from your home where everything is familiar is often a traumatic experience. Parc Communities makes the difficult decision to move from your home much easier by extending to you all the comforts of home with first-class surroundings and accoutrements. At Parc, you exchange the demanding challenges of home maintenance for the ease and convenience associated with the premier lifestyle of living your best life now.

You’ve worked hard, and you deserve retirement living at its finest. The amenities of your new home should be no less than luxurious. With surroundings of the finest quality, you’ll revel in the uncompromising standard of excellence at Parc Communities, where senior living is all about indulging in the best of life.

Be done with the hassles of home upkeep. Don’t worry that the weather will keep you from the gym or spa. Stop wondering what’s for dinner. Feelings of isolation are no longer an issue. With everything you enjoy being adjacent to your home, Parc Communities offers you the ultimate in independence, convenience, safety, fine dining and invigorating social interaction.

When the time comes for you to lay down the burden of home ownership, choosing the best senior living community need not present you with anxiety. The perfect place for you is available in a community that includes all the amenities and activities that you expect and where you’ll feel at home. Parc’s senior living and retirement communities are Atlanta’s incomparable yet affordable premier living choice.

Tips on Holiday Eating for Those With High Blood Pressure

active lifestyle communities duluth gaThe holidays are here once again and seasonal tables are filled with delicious savory fare and decadent sweet treats. But before you fill your plate, consider this. Nearly one-third of Americans have hypertension (high blood pressure), and many holiday foods cause blood pressure to rise. Prehypertension – a condition in which blood pressure is higher than normal, but not high enough to be diagnosed as hypertension – affects another one-third of Americans, indicating that perhaps we all should consider what is served on our holiday dinner plate.

If you are among those who suffer from high blood pressure, you will need to thoughtfully consider the offerings of holiday cuisine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy delicious holiday fare! To make the best choices in tasty foods, you need to know which ones may be unhealthy, and replace them with healthy options that can reduce high blood pressure. Let’s look at which temptations you should avoid and which selections can be beneficial.


Store-Bought Turkey

Sometimes turkeys bought from the store can be injected with salt water to make them more “plump.” By reading the label you can discover whether or not this is the case. You can also buy fresh turkey directly from a farm or butcher to avoid this added sodium. Otherwise, turkey can be a delicious and low-sodium treat!

Processed Deli Meat

Party trays containing sliced ham, turkey, roast beef, pastrami, and salami are staples of holiday buffet tables. Most deli meats are cured, seasoned, and preserved with salt, and a two-ounce serving may contain 600 mg or more of sodium. Avoiding processed meats promotes heart health.

Relish Trays

Relish trays featuring pickles, marinated olives, mushrooms, and artichokes are sure to be offered at holiday parties. These items are low in calories, making them seem like a good choice, but they are loaded with sodium. As an example, one pickle has around 570 mg, nearly one-third the sodium limit for the entire day!


Gravy can be a low-sodium choice if made with low-salt broth or homemade soup as the base. If you are unsure, however, it may be best to avoid it.


All bread contains sodium so holiday stuffing will contain it as well. So avoid stuffing your plate with stuffing to ensure you avoid the extra sodium here.


Baked Potatoes

Baked potatoes are rich in potassium and magnesium, both nutrients that lower blood pressure.

Berries and Fruit

Instead of hitting the dessert tray, try a tasty treat of fresh fruit instead. Berries contain natural compounds that are beneficial to heart health. Fresh fruit for the holiday season includes grapefruit, oranges, and tangerines, to name a few. Including these in your diet boosts heart health.

Spinach and Kale

These leafy greens are high in fiber, low in calories, and packed with nutrients, making them a heart super food. Pile either on sandwiches, add them to soups and smoothies, and make them the main ingredients of your salads.

Dark Chocolate

Saving everyone’s favorite for last, dark chocolate is a heart-healthy treat that contains flavanoids. Eating just one square of 70% cocoa powder dark chocolate a day can help lower blood pressure.

Focusing on heart-healthy dining is a primary aspect of Parc’s senior living communities. Elegant meals are prepared and shared to promote and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  As we celebrate this season of joy and peace, all of us at Parc Communities wish you a heart that is light and healthy, now and through-out the New Year.

A Blue Zone in Georgia

independent living marietta GALife expectancy in the United States averages around 80 years of age, but in some parts of the world – including specific locations in the U.S. – people are living to be 100 years old or more. In 2004, National Geographic assembled a team of experts to study the world’s longest-living people, and found five cities that met their criteria. These concentrations of long-living seniors – located in Ikaria, Greece; Nicoya, Costa Rica; Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; and Loma Linda, California – are identified as The Blue Zones, and the keys to their longevity appear to be associated with their lifestyle and environment.

The team of researchers found several evidence-based common factors among all five Blue Zones that linked lifestyle with life expectancy, proving that elevating your lifestyle and environment can add years to your life and life to your years. But you don’t have to move to a Blue Zone to take advantage of a long, healthy life. Parc Communities embodies a premier lifestyle and environment that implements the following five key components found in Blue Zone regions.

Move Naturally

The world’s longest-lived people don’t join gyms or lift weights. Instead they were documented as living in an environment that consistently keeps them on the move. They grow gardens, walk to a friend’s home, climb steps, and they don’t have mechanical conveniences for yard or house work.

Know Your Purpose

Without citing specific direction, the study found that knowing one’s purpose in life and understanding what’s truly worth living for can add up to seven years of life expectancy! Many people find their life’s mission in serving others, artistic endeavors, and maintaining healthy family relationships.

Reduce Stress

Stress leads to poor health and is associated with every major age-related disease. People in the Blue Zones experience stress, too, but the study revealed that they indulge daily in stress busting routines such as walking, praying, meditating, taking a nap, or attending social activities.

Get Social

The study shows that choosing or creating social circles that support healthy behaviors is an essential element to living well. Including this one component does more to add happy years to your life than nearly anything else, because of the destructive nature of isolation.


The study confirmed that over 98% of Blue Zone centenarians belonged to a faith-based community. Regardless of denomination, attending religious services four times a month can add four to fourteen years to one’s life.

Here at Parc Communities, we recognize the value of Blue Zone lifestyle habits, and have created comprehensive Wellness Programs that emphasize four primary functional components: Social, Physical, Intellectual, and Spiritual. We offer our residents the tools and opportunities to improve their health and build a more fulfilling lifestyle.

The Four Dimensions of Wellness

Atlanta Senior WellnessWellness is defined as “…a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” We believe wellness is an intentional process of making choices that promote a healthy and fulfilling life at every age.

At Parc Communities, our Fitness and Wellness programs are divided into four complementary, and equally vital, functional categories that work in harmony to ensure you have the very best tools to live a well-rounded and balanced senior lifestyle. This balance is obtained when each of the following areas are given the attention and investment they deserve:

Social Wellness is connecting with others and relating to them in a positive way. The path to a healthy social life begins with an evaluation of your current relationships with friends and family.  Nurturing these relationships by engaging in group activities such as walks, dinners, or a fun evening of board games, is the next step to securing a satisfying social network.

Spiritual Wellness is establishing personal peace through a set of values, and the ability to live out those values daily. The search for meaning and purpose in our lives is an invaluable part of reaching whole wellness. We encourage our residents to take an active part in developing or exercising their spiritual beliefs.

Intellectual Wellness is the ability to open our minds through expanded knowledge and new experiences. Continued learning is an essential part of active aging, and participating in creative mental activities will stimulate intellectual wellness.

Physical Wellness is maintaining a healthy body and doing the things necessary to stay in good physical condition. Physical wellness is attainable for active seniors who maintain healthful habits, eat a balanced diet, and engage in regular physical activity.

The pleasure of living well as an active senior is achieved when these four dimensions of wellness thrive and are in harmony with each other. At Parc Communities, we help you live your best life now in complete wellness!

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Parc Communities: Experts in Senior Lifestyle Transitions

senior lifestyle transitionsAs medical technology and research advance, seniors are living longer, fuller, and healthier lives than ever before. Today, two significant and distinct generations reside in senior living communities across the country: The Greatest Generation (those in their late eighties or older), and The Silent Generation (those in their late sixties to late eighties). Some of these seniors fought in wars, and some have stood against wars. Some were homemakers, and others career women. Other seniors include a mix of triathletes, chefs, carpenters, caregivers and miners. Each one is a unique and valuable thread in the tapestry of America’s rich and diverse history.

At Parc Communities, we see the challenge of meeting and serving generational differences as an exciting opportunity to provide unparalleled lifestyle choices. As experts in senior lifestyle transitions, we stand ready to exceed your or your loved one’s expectations of senior living communities. At Parc, we are dedicated to meeting your every need and accommodating your every wish. Whether you require an ongoing array of activities or desire a restful environment, we exist to make senior living a delight for each of our residents.

Today’s seniors want mental enrichment, physical activity, social interaction, and higher education throughout their lives. Tomorrow’s seniors promise to be just as vivacious, with unique desires and needs to be met. Parc Communities’ friendly and professional staff is here to assist you with all aspects of lifestyle transition from start to finish. We provide personalized options specifically designed to create a rich, independent lifestyle for each individual.

Every generation understands and appreciates the benefits of independence and stability in a unique way. As experts in senior lifestyle transitions, Parc Communities is committed to providing premier service, which in turn allows vibrant seniors to thrive and flourish individually and as a community. When it’s time to make the transition to a more active lifestyle, Parc Communities is the preferred choice of seniors and their families.

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The Secret to a Life Well-Lived

Senior Living AtlantaThere’s a legend that tells us of a fountain; springs that restore youth to those who bathe or drink from its pristine waters. Magical wells of eternal youth may exist only in fables, but in truth, there are keys that can unlock mental, emotional, and physical health and vitality. Strong evidence shows that exercise and physical activity provide bone strength, improved sleep, enhanced memory function, diminished heart risks, fewer falls, and less pain and depression. Eating well, staying socially active, and remaining connected to friends and family are also delightful ways to live an excellent and healthy life.

However, increasing evidence indicates that the true secret to a happy, healthy life is found in maintaining an attitude of gratitude. Exceptional living begins with a lifestyle of thankfulness. The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology published findings by Robert Emmons of the University of California, Davis, and Michael McCullough of the University of Miami suggesting that people who are grateful have improved mental alertness and fewer reported physical symptoms. They also deal with stress and daily challenges more effectively, have stronger immune systems, maintain a brighter view of the future, and engage more in healthy activities and behaviors.

“Thanks is what multiplies joy and makes any life large,” writes Ann Voskamp, author of the New York Times bestseller, One Thousand Gifts. In her book, Ann shares her difficult journey to gratefulness through raw accounts of pain and hardship. When a friend dared her to count one thousand blessings over one year, Ann discovered the secret to living fully was to live thankfully. Ann shares her story with the hope of helping others embrace the rich lifestyle of radical gratitude that trades fearful control for grateful grace.

It’s been said that it’s not happy people who are thankful; it’s thankful people who are happy. So how do we cultivate a heart of gratefulness that sees beauty and blessings every day and brings health to body and soul? Ann suggests filling a journal with what fills your heart with joy: fat wool sweaters, moonlight’s glow, warm cookies, fresh corn. Others have filled elegant glass jars with post-it notes on which they wrote things that give them joy. Take a walk each day and take the time to revel in nature. Savor delicious foods, notice the sunlight as it streams through a window, laugh as often as you can, and be ridiculously surprised by joy. Take pleasure in gratitude, the seemingly insignificant yet delightfully healthy secret to a life well-lived.

Sleep and Cognitive Activities All Important for Seniors

At Parc Communities, the physical, mental, and social well-being of our residents is a top priority. That’s why Parc residents frequently participate in enjoyable and engaging cognitive activities that keep their brains operating at top performance levels, including Learning L.A.B (brain fitness computer programs), social gatherings, and art lessons.

Sleep and Cognitive Activities All Important for Seniors

Rest is another key factor that contributes to the good health and well-being of seniors. According to a recent article published by the National Institute of Health, sleep has proven vital for storing new memories. Sleep also plays an essential role in a senior’s overall health and wellness.

At Parc Communities, seniors stay busy throughout the day, choosing from a wide variety of enjoyable activities. After an eventful day, residents can often be found relaxing in the media center, watching a movie, or unwinding in their well-appointed apartment homes before a good night’s sleep.

For more information about the Parc lifestyle please contact us to schedule your personal tour of our Duluth or Marietta senior communities. Be sure to connect with Parc Communities on Facebook and Twitter for the latest senior living news and information.

Parc at Duluth: Weekend Events & Panel Discussion

Residents of Parc at Duluth senior living community are in for an action-packed weekend, complete with exercise classes, outings, round table discussions, socials, and even a movie night.senior living in duluth ga

The Club Directors at Parc Communities are dedicated to scheduling a wide variety of activities for residents, from wellness and fitness events to happy hour socials and local excursions.

On Saturday May 18th, from 9 to 10:30 a.m., Parc at Duluth will host a special panel discussion featuring the adult children of its residents, who will share their experiences about searching for and finding the ideal senior community for their parents.

If you are interested in visiting a Parc Communities location, please contact us to schedule a personal tour. Be sure to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest senior living news and information.

Priorities at Parc: Activities, Health and Wellness

seniors and healthy livingAt Parc Communities, the health and wellness of our residents is a top priority. To that end, we invite and encourage residents to stay active both mentally and physically through an array of daily activities and events. They participate in a wide variety of activities, from art lessons and  Wii® competitions to water aerobics and local excursions.

 It is also imperative for seniors to receive periodic check-ups to maintain overall good health. Wellness exams, and measures that should be completed on a routine basis, include blood pressure and cholesterol checks, weight management, colon cancer screenings, hearing evaluations, dental and vision screenings, and bone density tests. The friendly staff here at Parc Communities considers it a pleasure to see residents to and from their medical appointments.

To learn more about our senior living communities, and to schedule a personal tour and enjoy a meal, please contact us. Also, connect with Parc Communities on Facebook and Twitter for upcoming events at Parc at Piedmont and Parc at Duluth.


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