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88-Year-Old Dancer Shows You Can Try New Things at Any Age

In a recent article published in The Frederick News-Post in Maryland, 88-year-old Jim Jeffrey told reporters about how his interest in dance has come full circle. He first signed up for dance classes when he was 17, hoping to meet girls. However, he was drafted into the Army Air Force the next year and spent the next 20+ years flying planes. After his military career, he was more focused on building a family and finding a career instead of dancing.

Three years ago his wife was diagnosed with dementia and needed 24-hour care like what’s offered through Parc’s Assisted Living program. This left Jeffrey with quite a bit of spare time, and he decided to take up his long-lost hobby—dancing! After searching many studios for an instructor who could help an 88-year-old rekindle his love for the ballroom, Jeffrey found an instructor who, during his weekly hour-long private lesson, teaches him just like she teaches her younger students.

His instructor says Jeffrey is her most dedicated student and is agile considering his age. Jeffrey recently found a dance partner close to his age—77-year-old Ann Welty. The two enjoy dancing the rumba and two-step. However, Jeffrey is very private about his dancing as only a few of his family members have seen him perform.

Jim Jeffrey highlights the importance of trying new things after retirement. New activities not only stimulate the brain and benefit the body, but they also help prevent boredom.  At Parc Communities, we try to provide our residents with a schedule full of activities that stimulate the mind, strengthen the body, and build new friendships.

Our activities schedule includes ballroom dancing, water aerobics, yoga, discussion groups, film viewings, and more! We cater our events to our residents’ interests to ensure that they enjoy events both at home and in the community. Seniors like Jim Jeffrey understand that oftentimes the best hobbies are taken up later in life.

For more information on Parc Communities’ and all the exciting activities and events we offer our residents, check out our website and blog. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on what’s happening at Parc and the latest in senior living news.

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