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Healthy Summer Snacks

Healthy Summer SnacksThe summer is flying by but the heat isn’t letting up anytime soon. It’s important to remember to stay hydrated and eat healthy as the temperatures remain high. Snacking in moderation can be very beneficial when you choose the right snacks. For older adults, snacking can encourage eating a more balanced diet as well as provide important energy and nutrients. At Parc Communities we want our residents to live life to the fullest, so we complied a short list of healthy summer snacks to keep you satisfied throughout the day.

High in Fiber: Fiber helps your digestion process and keeps you feeling full longer. Good fiber rich snacks that can be stored easily in your pantry or purse include nuts, whole-grain crackers, and all-natural granola bars.

Low Sodium: Most Americans eat too much salt and processed foods. Try these low-sodium snacks: apple sauce, popcorn with unsalted butter, and hard-boiled eggs (full of protein too!).

Brain Food: Keeping your brain healthy is important at any age. Nourish your brain with these power snacks – blueberries, unsalted nuts, dark chocolate (remember just a little!).

Antioxidants:  Fresh fruit (berries and grapes especially) and precut veggies (carrots, broccoli, tomatoes) are rich in antioxidants that can help prevent many diseases.  

As with all foods, moderation is key. Being mindful of the snacks you eat will help you maintain a healthy diet.  Our executive chefs offer residents a variety of delicious and well-balanced meals each day. If you are interested in scheduling a lunch and personal tour of Parc Communities please call us today. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news and senior living information.

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