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How to Alleviate Arthritis Symptoms in Winter Months

A recent study published by the Journal of Physical Activity and Health explained that winter months are harder on arthritis sufferers. The study tracked the activity of 241 participants who suffer from either rheumatoid arthritis or knee osteoarthritis over three years. The results show that in winter months, those with arthritis tend to participate in less physical activity which results in a worsening of arthritis symptoms.

Researchers speculate that the colder temperatures paired with dwindling daylight hours mean that seniors get outdoors for exercise less often than in warmer months. Those surveyed also feel like they have less time in the day to fit in a work out to reach the recommended weekly 150 hours of physical activity.

Exercise has been proven to ease arthritis symptoms by building stronger muscles around the joints, reducing joint stiffness and inflammation, and increasing flexibility. Many arthritis sufferers in the study did not have access to an indoor exercise facility or to exercise classes that may motivate them more than trying to remain active alone.

Parc Communities’ locations in Duluth and Marietta, GA (outside of Atlanta) offer our residents multiple options for daily exercise classes including yoga, a walking club, seated exercise, ballroom dance, Zumba® and more. We also have great fitness amenities like our state of the art fitness center and heated lap pool. Our daily group exercise options allow us to offer seniors of all fitness levels an opportunity to meet the minimum 20 minutes of physical activity a day.

Parc Communities are designed with the active senior in mind. Our goal is to provide all the amenities of a luxury hotel to our residents every day. We’ve developed Parc Communities to ensure the Parc Life style is fun, engaging, and enjoyable.

For more information on our communities or to schedule a visit, contact our office. We’re also on Twitter and Facebook with senior living news and updates.

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