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How to Paint with Watercolor: A Lesson from Our Residents

parc communitiesParc at Piedmont residents enjoy a weekly watercolor painting class every Thursday at 10:30 A.M. Working to perfect their painting technique as well as benefit from the relaxing and therapeutic powers of painting, Parc residents enjoy the opportunity to come together with their friends and meet new residents.

Studies show that art is beneficial to both the mind and the body—helping painters achieve a positive mental outlook as well as benefitting conditions that often come with age like arthritis in the hands. In our watercolor classes, we offer both beginner and experienced painters a chance to flex their artistic muscles. Our residents wanted to offer their tips to beginning painters on how to master the art of watercolor in hopes that you, too, may enjoy this pastime.

Make sure you have the right paper. Just like the name suggests, watercolor uses a good deal of water to help painters achieve the right shades and effects. As such, using paper that is too thin or too absorbent will result in the water bleeding through the paper! Our residents agree: no one wants to paint on a soggy canvas!

Use your brush to achieve different effects. Just like other types of painting activities, your brush is one of your best tools. Watercolor paint is unique in that it can achieve certain effects much more easily than other mediums. For example, by wetting the paper before painting on it, artists can achieve a bleeding of paint that appears almost like tie-dye. By dipping a dry brush in paint, wiping off most of the paint on the brush, then painting on dry paper, you get a scratchy effect (great for painting grass or wood).

Vary your water use. The less water you use in watercolor painting, the brighter and more vibrant your colors will be. The more water you use, the softer the colors will appear. If you’re painting a blue sky that slowly fades into the horizon, vary the amount of water mixed into your paint to get a nice bright to soft fade.

Practice! Practice! Practice! If you really want to get better at watercolor painting, as with anything, you must practice. Try painting different scenes and subjects to really stretch your mind.

Along with weekly painting classes, Parc Communities’ residents can also enjoy a plethora of other regularly scheduled activities including fitness classes, needlework guild meetings, ping pong open play, movie nights, and more. Our activities directors work with our residents to create a monthly calendar  that fits our residents’ needs and keeps them engaged and interested!

For more information on the activities offered at Parc Communities, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. To schedule a meeting or to tour our communities, contact our office.

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