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Is Your Brain Healthy? Study Shows Low Trans Fat Diets Help Keep Minds Sharp

While we have reported that brain engagement is of utmost importance in senior brain health, a study performed at Oregon Health and Science University and published in the journal Neurology shows that older individuals perform better on cognitive tests when they have higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins B, C, D and E in their blood. Individuals with higher levels of trans fats in their blood performed worse than their similarly aged counterparts.
Researchers were looking into the role nutrition plays in keeping an aging brain healthy. Of the 104 individuals involved in the study, the average age was 87 years old. The study shows that while trans fats are known to be a bane on cardiovascular health, they are also detrimental to brain health as well.
Parc Communities offers restaurant-style, fine dining with fresh, healthful options to help our residents maintain a balanced diet for better brain vitality. Along the same lines, studies have shown that brain engagement through activities like games, puzzles, and a regular exercise regimen are also important. To help our residents maintain the best quality of life, Parc Communities offer engaging and community-building activities like bridge club, ballroom dancing, and creative projects. Health is also a top priority at Parc which is why we offer a multitude of fitness and wellness activities like tai chi, water aerobics, and Ageless Grace®.
Study author Gene Bowman, an assistant professor of neurology, says that this research helps assert the notion that “trans fats are a big no-no for brain health” and emphasizes the importance of focusing on health for both the body and the brain. Parc Communities’ Duluth and Piedmont locations provide fun and interactive activities and events that help our residents build new friendships and stay healthy including regular outings to local restaurants and happenings.
Whether it’s a healthy diet, a regular exercise routine, or a community of friends, Parc Communities stand behind the motto, “Live Longer. Live Better.” Providing residents the finest quality and service is our passion, and what we love to do every day.
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