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Looking on the Bright Side: The Best Parts about Getting Older

Growing older has a negative connotation in today’s society. Many people focus on the stereotypes about older adults when they think of retirement, but Parc Communities’ residents defy all stereotypes—living life to the fullest and having fun while doing it. Whether taking part in local events or community activities, our residents exemplify the notion of active seniors living vibrant and independent lives. Here are some of the benefits of growing older that Parc Communities residents exemplify.

Retirement means more time to enjoy life.

Retiring gives you more time to pursue the activities and hobbies you enjoyed when you had a full time job. As we mentioned in our Staying Young blog, retirement gives you an opportunity to try new things or pick up old hobbies that you may not have had time for in the past. Some of our residents even took up exercise, something they had limited time for before retirement, and are living even healthier lives than in their youth!

Life after retirement is less stressful.

At Parc Communities, we offer our residents a value comparison worksheet to determine the financial benefit of living here as opposed to in your own house. We’ve found that along with the financial stress that is diminished when one retires and moves to a retirement community, the stresses of maintaining your home (property taxes, insurance, housekeeping, etc.) also decrease. For older adults who choose to live in a place like Parc, stress quickly becomes a thing of the past.

Better appreciation of life experiences.

As we age, we learn more about people and how the world works. That’s why so many people associate older people with great wisdom. Along with the basic life lessons, growing older gives you a stronger appreciation for the truly important things in life. Remember going to Disney World as a child? Chances are you remember you went, but flew through the experience so quickly that the details are gone. Imagine going to Disney World with your grandchild now. You’d remember every smile, every squeal of delight, and how you felt the whole time. Spending time with family and building friendships are more important now and you know their value.

Growing old can be a party if you treat it like one. We like to live by the adage, “Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.” By providing our retired residents with a packed activity schedule and community amenities like heated lap pools and a theater-style media center, we’re ensuring that life only gets better with age. To learn more about Parc Communities, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Contact our office to schedule a visit!

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