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Aging Well: Maintaining Health at Parc

At Parc Senior Communities, age is merely a number. We know youth is a feeling, which is why it’s important to age well. With increased age, the body begins to change, but if you are aware of the changes, you can strive to maintain health and youthful vigor. We promote healthy living throughout our communities through fitness and wellness programs and regularly share topics on our blog like how to keep the brain healthy.

It’s is important to start taking care of your body and keeping it healthy now. No matter your age, you can begin taking steps toward better health. The bones become thinner with age and can lead to osteoporosis, but preventative measures can be taken as directed by a physician. Staying physically active keeps the body strong and is beneficial to the heart. We encourage residents to stay active through exercise programs like Ageless Grace®. Staying social is also important for your overall wellbeing.  We offer a variety of activities that allow residents to socialize, as well as many family events that our residents and their families enjoy.

With advanced age, the digestive tract firms and can lead to stomach problems. Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet can help solve digestive problems without the need for medicine. We try to provide nutritious and appetizing meals to our residents. Cavities and gum disease occurs more often as you age, so keeping good oral hygiene is important. It’s also essential to take care of the skin by wearing sunscreen, limiting alcohol consumption, and avoiding smoking. With age, environmental effects, and accumulated sun exposure, the skin loses elasticity and wrinkles start to appear. Sun damage can cause hyperpigmentation and even lead to skin cancer.

Brain function also slows with age, but there are plenty of ways to exercise your brain. In fact, getting enough sleep and eating right can help keep the mind sharp. Studies also show video games encourage cognitive function, which is why we have weekly game nights that include Wii bowling and golf.

Prevention is key to maintaining health, so attending routine checkups with your doctor is essential. Although these tips are intended to help you live well without needing medicine, it’s important to take all of the medicine prescribed by your doctor and discuss any medication you are currently taking. Residents who require more comprehensive medical care can take advantage of our ParcCare services or assisted living services, which are tailored to each individual’s needs. At Parc Senior Communities, we want our residents to live healthy, happy lives and reap the benefits of growing older because here, life keeps getting better with age. To find out more about our communities, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ or contact us to visit one of our locations.

Looking on the Bright Side: The Best Parts about Getting Older

Growing older has a negative connotation in today’s society. Many people focus on the stereotypes about older adults when they think of retirement, but Parc Communities’ residents defy all stereotypes—living life to the fullest and having fun while doing it. Whether taking part in local events or community activities, our residents exemplify the notion of active seniors living vibrant and independent lives. Here are some of the benefits of growing older that Parc Communities residents exemplify.

Retirement means more time to enjoy life.

Retiring gives you more time to pursue the activities and hobbies you enjoyed when you had a full time job. As we mentioned in our Staying Young blog, retirement gives you an opportunity to try new things or pick up old hobbies that you may not have had time for in the past. Some of our residents even took up exercise, something they had limited time for before retirement, and are living even healthier lives than in their youth!

Life after retirement is less stressful.

At Parc Communities, we offer our residents a value comparison worksheet to determine the financial benefit of living here as opposed to in your own house. We’ve found that along with the financial stress that is diminished when one retires and moves to a retirement community, the stresses of maintaining your home (property taxes, insurance, housekeeping, etc.) also decrease. For older adults who choose to live in a place like Parc, stress quickly becomes a thing of the past.

Better appreciation of life experiences.

As we age, we learn more about people and how the world works. That’s why so many people associate older people with great wisdom. Along with the basic life lessons, growing older gives you a stronger appreciation for the truly important things in life. Remember going to Disney World as a child? Chances are you remember you went, but flew through the experience so quickly that the details are gone. Imagine going to Disney World with your grandchild now. You’d remember every smile, every squeal of delight, and how you felt the whole time. Spending time with family and building friendships are more important now and you know their value.

Growing old can be a party if you treat it like one. We like to live by the adage, “Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.” By providing our retired residents with a packed activity schedule and community amenities like heated lap pools and a theater-style media center, we’re ensuring that life only gets better with age. To learn more about Parc Communities, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Contact our office to schedule a visit!

Berries Shown to Reduce Cognitive Decline in Senior Women

A recent study published in the Annals of Neurology has connected the consumption of berries rich in flavonoids with a reduction in cognitive decline. Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements, berries can help fight the inflammation and stress that scientists have linked to early weakening of cognitive functions.

Gathering information from over 120,000 women aged 30-55, the study began in 1980, and participants’ dietary habits were monitored every four years until 2001. Between 1995 and 2001, the women’s cognitive function was monitored twice a year.

Researchers found that the women who ate more flavonoid-rich berries like blueberries and strawberries had slower cognitive decline by almost 2.5 years. Those who consumed flavonoid-rich foods had less cognitive decline overall also.

Those performing the study say that while they took many factors into account, some connections may be linked to the participants’ results. One example included the idea that those who eat more berries may be more likely to exercise regularly.

Parc Communities knows that many factors contribute to a healthy body and mind. From playing video games to stay fit to eating right, our communities offer our residents options to stay healthy and live happier lives.

Offering independent and assisted living options, Parc Communities our senior living options are tailored to each residents’ individual needs. We invite you to contact our office to schedule a visit. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Parc Advice: Ways to Prepare for Retirement

Parc Communities residents understand that when you’re young, retirement seems eons away. Before you know it, though, retirement will be upon you. The US Department of Labor estimates that the average American spends about 20 years in retirement, yet fewer than half of Americans have calculated how much they need to retire! Here is some retirement prep advice from Parc Communities’ residents that they offer their kids.

Learn about your employer’s retirement or pension plans.

If your employer has a retirement savings plans like a 401(k), join in and add all you can. This type of plan generally incurs less taxes and your company may even contribute! If your employer has a pension plan, see if you qualify and ask for an individual benefit statement to see what your benefit is worth. If you leave the company offering retirement plans, check to see what will happen to your benefit. If your spouse has a pension plan through his or her work, find out if you’re entitled to benefits from that plan.

Start saving early and continue saving, sticking to your goals.

The earlier you begin saving for retirement, the less you’ll have to worry about later. If you’re not saving, get started! If you’ve already started saving for retirement, stay on track. It’s easy to get distracted when big life events occur. The earlier you begin saving, the longer your money has to grow. Make retirement savings part of your monthly budget and stick to it like you would any other bill.

Learn what you need to retire.

Money experts estimate that retirees will need about 70 to 90% of their pre-retirement income in order to maintain their standard of living including housing, activities, healthcare, and more. There are calculators and charts online estimating what you’ll need for retirement based on your individual situation. If you’d feel more comfortable, consult an expert at your current bank for more specific advice.

Utilize basic investing knowledge.

Even if you’re a beginner, there are basic elements of finance knowledge that transfer between all types of investing. The types of investments you make along with inflation and other factors need to be taken into account when saving for retirement. Diversify your retirement investments, placing them in different types of accounts. This mix of investments can change based on different factors in your life like age, goals, and financial circumstances. We offer seniors advice on the financial picture behind our communities, including a value comparison worksheet outlining how Parc Communities can cost less than maintaining your old home.

There’s no single answer to retirement savings, but experience has taught Parc Communities and our residents that retirement savings is not something to be put off. Start early so you’re not left blindsided by unexpected retirement expenses. For the latest in retirement news and information, follow Parc Communities on Facebook and Twitter!

Seniors are Better than Generation Y at Catching Some Shut-Eye

parc communitiesContrary to popular belief, new findings shows that healthy older adults, like our residents at Parc Communities, report getting more restful sleep every night with fewer difficulties and interruptions as compared to the reports of young adults. The results of a large survey conducted by the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia showed that compared to adults 80 and over, those between the ages of 18 and 24 were more likely to report sleep disturbances. The findings, which were published in the journal Sleep, disprove the common belief that older adults don’t sleep well and are always tired throughout the day.

Along with the survey, researchers went back through studies completed in 2006 in which over 150,000 participants were asked how often they had trouble falling asleep or staying asleep within a two-week period. That evidence supported their findings with reports of tiredness highest for the youngest group surveyed.

What does this mean? The notion of grandma or grandpa needing an afternoon nap is outdated. For active seniors like our residents, Parc Communities knows that retirement is more than just a time to relax. It’s also a time to try new things and have fun! This is one reason we offer a full schedule of activities ranging from fitness classes to trips around Georgia and delicious meals out.

Our residents like to stay busy learning new hobbies, meeting new friends, and exploring. They enjoy painting classes and poker nights as if they’re on a year-long vacation. Parc Communities is designed to provide a fun and active lifestyle for seniors looking to retire in luxury.

We invite you to peruse our website to learn more about the lifestyle our residents enjoy on a daily basis. Based on the standards created by Horst Schulze, former President of Ritz-Carlton Hotels, we strive to provide our active residents with the best life—the Parc life.

Stay connected with Parc Communities on Facebook and Twitter!

Thirty-Five or Ninety-Five: Ways to Feel Young No Matter Your Age

parc communitiesWhether you’re just turning thirty five or celebrating your century mark, there are plenty of ways to feel like you’re twenty-something again. Parc Communities’ residents know that one key to staying young at heart is spending time with the great friends and loving family that surround them at our premier senior living campuses. Here are some other stay young tips from our residents:

Support a cause you believe in! As we grow older, we risk becoming more isolated from friends and family. What better way to stay active than to get involved with a volunteer organization that you support. Whether you’re an animal lover and want to help out the local humane society, prefer volunteering at a food bank to feed needy families, or want to give back in other ways, volunteering not only helps the community, but can benefit you as well. A study performed at Johns Hopkins University found that older adults who volunteered showed mental and physical improvements like increased strength and endurance.

Learn something new! Always wanted to learn history or speak Italian? Now is the perfect time to hit the books. Whether you’d like to take on new gardening challenges or learn how to use Facebook, learning new things means you’re keeping your mind active, which is an important element in anti-aging.

Go outside! Parc Communities offer our residents the chance to explore their communities. In the past year, our calendars have included trips to Blue Ridge, Georgia to explore the autumn foliage and spring tours of Marietta and Kennesaw! Getting outside invigorates the senses, plus sunshine stimulates the production of serotonin—a natural mood booster. Just make sure to wear sunscreen!

Discover new hobbies! Retirement means we have more time to do the things we want. We tend to get in ruts when it comes to our activities. Scrabble on Thursdays, yoga on Saturdays. You get the picture. By trying new hobbies, you’re challenging your brain while finding more ways to enjoy yourself during your free time. Try photography, calligraphy, hiking, or knitting. Parc’s communities have schedules chock full of new things to try to keep our busy residents entertained. Who knows? You could find the next love of your life in miniature airplane building!

Practice daily gratitude! Parc residents do it best. Keep yourself young by constantly reminding yourself of all the people and things you’re thankful for. Thinking about everything you have to be grateful for keeps your spirits high and reminds us what rich and fulfilling lives we’ve led until this point. Not only does practicing gratitude keep you in a positive mindset, it also benefits your overall health and can ward off depression.

Staying young is a mental decision. Parc at Duluth and Parc at Piedmont residents show us every day that staying young at heart is easy as long as you have a positive attitude and are willing to try new things! Keep up with our busy schedules and what’s new at Parc by connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also find Parc at Duluth and Parc at Piedmont on Google+.

Ageless Grace® Functional Fitness at Parc Communities

A popular activity at both Parc at Piedmont and Parc at Duluth locations, Ageless Grace® is an exercise program designed for individuals of all ages and abilities. Utilizing a series of 21 fitness moves called “Tools,” this fitness and wellbeing program is designed to be performed while seated in a chair. The series can also be performed standing or even on the floor and is simple enough to do on your own at home.

Each move used in Ageless Grace® at Parc Communities works to emphasize a certain anti-aging aspect such as mobility, flexibility, cognitive function, balance, self-esteem, and more. As mentioned on the website, the exercise program hopes to promote “the three Rs… the ability to respond, react, and recover efficiently and safely.” These elements make it perfect as a senior wellness program for our residents as the CDC reports one in three adults 65 or older suffers a fall each year.

Used to help Parc Communities’ residents achieve a stress-relieving body-mind-spirit connection, Ageless Grace’s® 21 Simple Tools include moves like “Try Chi” for joint stability, “Spaghetti Spine” for nervous system stimulation, and “Dance Party!” for memory recall and cardiovascular conditioning.

Ageless Grace® can be found on the Parc at Duluth schedule on Mondays at 2pm and on the Parc at Piedmont calendar at 11am on Tuesdays!

For more information on the activities and amenities offered at Parc Communities or to schedule a visit, contact our office! We’re also on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, so make sure to connect with us on social media to learn about the latest events and news from Parc.

Ante up! Parc at Duluth’s Weekly Poker Night

parc at duluthThursdays at 7pm, Parc at Duluth’s residents gather in the second floor game room for our weekly Poker Night! Though our residents are serious about having fun, the weekly poker get-together is a chance for our residents to begin the wind down to the weekend with a little time together and competition.

Disguised as just having fun, our residents know their brains are getting a workout from this competitive card game. Studies have shown that any game or activity that forces us to think in a way that we normally wouldn’t helps our brains constantly build new connections. This means everything from playing the Wii to participating in a recreational game of poker can help engage the brain in new ways and fight the symptoms of memory loss.

If you’re new to poker, here are the top scoring hands in descending order:

Royal Flush: Ace, king, queen, jack, and 10 card all in the same suit.

Straight Flush: Any five cards in sequence all in the same suit (Example: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 all of hearts)

Four of a Kind: Four cards of the same number or denomination (Example: all four 8s)

Full House: Two cards of one number and three cards of another number (Example: three 6s, and two kings)

Flush: Five cards in the same suit, do not have to be in number sequence (Example: 2, 6, 9, queen, and ace all of spades)

Straight: Five cards in number order, do not need to be of same suit

Three of a Kind: Three cards of the same number

Two Pair: Two cards of one number and two cards of another number (Example: Two 4s and two kings)

One Pair: Two cards of the same number

For more information on the activities and events scheduled at Parc Communities, make sure to check out our monthly calendars. You can also stay up to date on the latest events and happenings at Parc by finding us on Facebook and Twitter. Contact our office if you or someone you know may be interested in a tour of one of our luxurious communities.

The History of Retirement

While many people are waiting until they can retire and enjoy the finer things in life, retirement hasn’t always been around for seniors. The first recorded instance of retirement in America occurred in the 17th century when a colonist was injured protecting the town and could no longer work. Before this time, most Americans continued to work until they were no longer physically able.

Faced with the threat of Marxism, German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck offered a government pension to any German citizens over 65 who were not working. This action established the average age of retirement that still exists today. Back in the United States, army retirement pensions began in the 1900s for disabled and decorated veterans who chose to retire after serving.

After physician William Osler gave a medical reason for choosing retirement, the idea began to take hold in more than just army circles. The Industrial Revolution meant more people were moving from farms to cities to work in factories. This meant older adults not only had to keep with their younger counterparts in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment, but also with shoddily constructed machines and conveyor belts. The American Express railroad was the first private company to offer a retirement arrangement in 1875. Banks and manufacturing companies soon followed suit, offering corporation-sponsored pension plans.

When the Great Depression rolled around, tension between younger and older workers began to erupt as jobs became slim, and a movement for a mandatory retirement age took hold. Under the proponents’ plan, retirees would receive $200 a month paid by the government. President Franklin D. Roosevelt passed the Social Security Act of 1935 which assured a lifelong income for retirees over 65 and individuals with disabilities. It was funded by a 1% tax on the first $3000 of an employee’s income. Today, the social security tax rate is a little over 7% required from employers and employees.

By World War II, private employers began offering generous pension plans to attract employees in a tight labor market (because so many citizens were military employees or soldiers overseas). During this time, the number of people taking part in corporation-sponsored pension plans increased to around 30% of the workforce.

Generous offerings from companies didn’t change the fact that many seniors continued to work past the age of 65. According to a Labor Force Participation Rate study, half of men over 65 were still working in the 1940s. However, retirement communities that began to crop up around the United States in the 1920s and 1930s and the invention of the television and highways systems brought luxury to the American forefront. Between the 1950s and 1980s, the same study showed only 24% of men over 65 remained in the workforce.

More recent legislation provides retirement plans with tax breaks like the 401(k). Nowadays, retirement is a much-appreciated end to a career and a chance to explore new hobbies, learn new things, and enjoy life. The residents at Parc Communities know how to retire in style, working hard at play!

For more information on Parc Communities’ luxury senior living communities or to schedule a tour, contact our office. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!

Parc at Piedmont’s Weekly Wine and Chit-Chat

parc at piedmontEvery Friday Parc at Piedmont residents enjoy time together in the rotunda sipping wine and catching up  on the past week’s activities. Our regular “Wine and Chit-Chat” is a popular event that not only gives our residents a chance to socialize, but also provides a little entertainment to get the weekend started.

Wine and Chit-Chat is most often followed by a performance from a musical group or singer. With genres ranging from classical piano to jazz and the oldies, our residents can spend their Friday afternoons listening to some of their favorite hits from the past and even some new songs reminiscent of those from back in the day!

Whether you like reds or whites, fruity or dry, we invite all Parc at Piedmont residents to join us for our weekly Wine and Chit-Chat get-togethers.  Make sure to check out our monthly calendars as well.

For more information on Parc Communities make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You can contact our office if you’re interested in a tour or learning more about what Parc offers.

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