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Parc Communities and Facebook: All My Friends in One Place

parc communitiesThe social media revolution has taken the internet by storm in just the past five years. We’re now reuniting with high school friends on Facebook, taking advantage of instant customer service via Twitter, and making business connections on LinkedIn. While most people see the internet revolution as something for young adults, older adults are not sitting back and watching a great opportunity pass them by.

According to a survey completed by the Pew Research Center, 20% of adults between 50 and 64 years old and 13% of adults 65 and over say they use a social media profile daily. These numbers are up drastically from previous years, showing that seniors are not afraid of new technology, but welcome the chance to learn and try new things. At the proceedings of the 2011 annual Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, researchers reported that most of these older adults were persuaded to sign up by friends.

Outside of the World Wide Web, a person’s actual social network has an important effect on mental and physical health. As we age, we’re at greater risk for social isolation as friends move away, mobility issues arise, and it becomes harder to take part in the activities we once enjoyed doing. Through senior living communities like Parc and online communities like Facebook, seniors are living more active lives after retirement with more social interaction and increased physical activity.

Because people often measure their quality of life based on their relationships with others, there’s benefit to both types of communities including bringing together old friends, connecting family members separated by distance, and making new friends with whom you can experience new things. Parc Communities fosters both personal friendships and an exploration of new experiences. Some of our residents have even ventured into a brave new world of iPads and are using them to learn about Facebook and how to use Skype.

Though we seem a little different at first, the Facebook community and Parc Communities are very similar. Both bring people together that normally may not see or hear from each other that often. We build and strengthen friendships and provide fun games and activities for those who would like to partake. To hear what our residents have to say about living the Parc life, check out our videos.

Contact our office for more information or to schedule a tour of one of our communities. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop regarding the latest senior living and retirement news.

How to Paint with Watercolor: A Lesson from Our Residents

parc communitiesParc at Piedmont residents enjoy a weekly watercolor painting class every Thursday at 10:30 A.M. Working to perfect their painting technique as well as benefit from the relaxing and therapeutic powers of painting, Parc residents enjoy the opportunity to come together with their friends and meet new residents.

Studies show that art is beneficial to both the mind and the body—helping painters achieve a positive mental outlook as well as benefitting conditions that often come with age like arthritis in the hands. In our watercolor classes, we offer both beginner and experienced painters a chance to flex their artistic muscles. Our residents wanted to offer their tips to beginning painters on how to master the art of watercolor in hopes that you, too, may enjoy this pastime.

Make sure you have the right paper. Just like the name suggests, watercolor uses a good deal of water to help painters achieve the right shades and effects. As such, using paper that is too thin or too absorbent will result in the water bleeding through the paper! Our residents agree: no one wants to paint on a soggy canvas!

Use your brush to achieve different effects. Just like other types of painting activities, your brush is one of your best tools. Watercolor paint is unique in that it can achieve certain effects much more easily than other mediums. For example, by wetting the paper before painting on it, artists can achieve a bleeding of paint that appears almost like tie-dye. By dipping a dry brush in paint, wiping off most of the paint on the brush, then painting on dry paper, you get a scratchy effect (great for painting grass or wood).

Vary your water use. The less water you use in watercolor painting, the brighter and more vibrant your colors will be. The more water you use, the softer the colors will appear. If you’re painting a blue sky that slowly fades into the horizon, vary the amount of water mixed into your paint to get a nice bright to soft fade.

Practice! Practice! Practice! If you really want to get better at watercolor painting, as with anything, you must practice. Try painting different scenes and subjects to really stretch your mind.

Along with weekly painting classes, Parc Communities’ residents can also enjoy a plethora of other regularly scheduled activities including fitness classes, needlework guild meetings, ping pong open play, movie nights, and more. Our activities directors work with our residents to create a monthly calendar  that fits our residents’ needs and keeps them engaged and interested!

For more information on the activities offered at Parc Communities, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. To schedule a meeting or to tour our communities, contact our office.

88-Year-Old Dancer Shows You Can Try New Things at Any Age

In a recent article published in The Frederick News-Post in Maryland, 88-year-old Jim Jeffrey told reporters about how his interest in dance has come full circle. He first signed up for dance classes when he was 17, hoping to meet girls. However, he was drafted into the Army Air Force the next year and spent the next 20+ years flying planes. After his military career, he was more focused on building a family and finding a career instead of dancing.

Three years ago his wife was diagnosed with dementia and needed 24-hour care like what’s offered through Parc’s Assisted Living program. This left Jeffrey with quite a bit of spare time, and he decided to take up his long-lost hobby—dancing! After searching many studios for an instructor who could help an 88-year-old rekindle his love for the ballroom, Jeffrey found an instructor who, during his weekly hour-long private lesson, teaches him just like she teaches her younger students.

His instructor says Jeffrey is her most dedicated student and is agile considering his age. Jeffrey recently found a dance partner close to his age—77-year-old Ann Welty. The two enjoy dancing the rumba and two-step. However, Jeffrey is very private about his dancing as only a few of his family members have seen him perform.

Jim Jeffrey highlights the importance of trying new things after retirement. New activities not only stimulate the brain and benefit the body, but they also help prevent boredom.  At Parc Communities, we try to provide our residents with a schedule full of activities that stimulate the mind, strengthen the body, and build new friendships.

Our activities schedule includes ballroom dancing, water aerobics, yoga, discussion groups, film viewings, and more! We cater our events to our residents’ interests to ensure that they enjoy events both at home and in the community. Seniors like Jim Jeffrey understand that oftentimes the best hobbies are taken up later in life.

For more information on Parc Communities’ and all the exciting activities and events we offer our residents, check out our website and blog. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on what’s happening at Parc and the latest in senior living news.

Video Games Benefit Senior Players’ Cognitive Function

parc communitiesParc residents enjoy weekly senior game nights including evenings spent playing Wii bowling and golf. Our residents love being competitive, and recent studies show that video game exercise programs like the Wii can not only improve fitness, but also help to ward off cognitive decline.

In a two-year study performed with 101 seniors (aged 58-99 years) who used stationary bikes, researchers saw an overall boost in cognitive function when they pedaled with video games, versus without. According to the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, seniors who used these video game fitness programs, “reduced risk of clinical progression to mild cognitive impairment by a relative 23%.”

Not only did patients in the study benefit health- and wellness-wise, but they also had fun!   At Parc Senior Living Communities, we strive to provide our residents with a menu of enjoyable senior living activities that engage both the body and mind.  Wordsmiths can compete in Scrabble® competitions; film buffs can enjoy movies nights; and fitness fanatics can take advantage of our personal training opportunities. We also offer brain fitness, which is comprised of five computer based modules used to help improve visual processing and improve memory.

Many studies have shown the importance of exercise, brain engagement, and a healthy senior diet to alleviate signs of aging like arthritis and cognitive decline. Parc takes this information along with our residents’ preferences to heart when we look for new and exciting activities to add to our monthly schedules.

For more information on Parc Communities’ activities or to schedule a visit, contact our office. You can also connect with us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest Parc news.

At Parc, We Love the Wii

parc senior livingWe’ve mentioned before how daily exercise can help individuals of all ages ward off early-onset dementia, fight the symptoms of arthritis, and build healthier bodies. In a survey recently conducted by PopCap Games, a casual video game developer, players age 50 and older made up 47% of computer video game players. These players reported a definite benefit including mental exercises, memory strengthening, and stress relief.

One of the newest sensations sweeping senior living communities across the country is the Wii video gaming system, and Parc Communities are no exception. The Wii allows players to interact with their games much more than other video game systems. With a hand-held controller (called a Wii-mote), players movements are tracked through a motion sensor. Games range from bowling to golf and tennis, and players hold the Wii-mote like a golf club when they perform their strokes and like a tennis racket when they serve. Each player can create a “Mii” character to represent them on screen and save their scores.

One of Parc Communities’ weekly activities provided for residents includes “Wii Night” in the media center. It’s so popular with our residents, in fact, that we’ve started a sign-up process so they can schedule their Wii games in advance! Our residents belong to the National Senior League and have won numerous nationwide championships in Bowling and Golf and are proud of the trophies displayed in our library. Our residents love it so much that we offer Wii Play up to four times a week on our activities calendar.

Fun games like the Wii are just one part of the engaging and exciting events our Wellness Director plans for our residents. We also offer fitness classes, movie nights, computer lab lessons, watercolor classes, and more. We’re frequent visitors of local restaurants and attractions like the Georgia Aquarium, Cobb Energy Center for the Performing Arts, The Fox Theatre and more. This past fall, our residents made the trip to Blue Ridge, Georgia to board a train-tour of the gorgeous fall foliage.

We are dedicated to developing interesting, stimulating, and diverse activities for our Atlanta residents to enjoy both at home and in the community. For more information on Parc Communities or to schedule a visit, contact our office. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter with the latest senior living news!

How are Parc Communities Different from Other Senior Living Options?

At Parc Communities, our commitment is to our residents’ overall wellbeing. We know that this involves much more than a stylish apartment and landscaped grounds. At Parc we focus on cultivating a fun and exciting senior community that our residents are proud to take part in—not just live in.

We offer restaurant-style dining with an extensive menu prepared by our Executive Chef.   Whether it’s a Filet Mignon or one of our Parc Smart healthy choices, our residents look forward to dining with friends in the dining room or enjoying a glass of wine on the patio overlooking the beautiful courtyard.

Our senior apartment amenities are what truly set us apart from other senior living communities. Featuring spacious and beautiful studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments, the homes at Parc are designed to be decorated and arranged so that you feel most comfortable. Every Parc apartment features central heating and air conditioning, a washer and dryer, large closets, and a full kitchen. We work to provide residents with the independence they desire in a fun and exciting community.

One way we bring out the best in the communities at Parc’s Piedmont-East Cobb and Duluth locations is through scheduled activities and outings. With two full-time club directors, Parc Communities offers residents interesting, diverse, and engaging activities like movies, group exercise classes, special interest clubs, and more. Our residents enjoy outings to restaurants, theater productions, concerts, museums and more. Our Duluth and Piedmont calendars have lists of all our planned activities and transportation specials that our residents can choose to take part in.

Living at Parc Communities is affordable luxury Atlanta senior living at its finest. To the finest details, our community and staff have been carefully selected to give our residents the most enjoyable living experience we can provide. Parc Communities is delighted to offer unsurpassed service, care, and comforts to active seniors and those transitioning into assisted living. We invite you to schedule a visit to learn how you can live the Parc Life!

Senior Voters Predicted to “Rock the Vote” in 2012 Elections

As presidential primaries are underway, candidates (both Democratic and GOP) are calling out to the senior community to favor their side. While the 2008 presidential election was one marked by record numbers of young voters, the 2012 presidential election will be the year of the over 65 voter. In the 2010 congressional elections, senior citizens accounted for almost one quarter of the voting population, the highest turnout in about a decade.

There is no doubt that senior voters have a lot to consider in this year’s election. Medicare and social security are hot debate topics among candidates, and both President Obama and the potential Republican contenders are working hard to get seniors on their sides. States with high senior populations like Florida are gearing up to play a huge role in the upcoming presidential elections.

Parc Communities knows the important role of politics in our residents’ lives which is why we offer transportation to polls  election days. As one of our many informational seminars and activities we’ve featured informational sessions on changing Medicare plans to help our residents stay informed and up to date on the latest news affecting their lives.

Our seniors stay updated on the latest internet and social media election news through the internet, media and current events seminars.  Our residents can learn to surf the web and research candidates they’re interested in learning more about. We will also be hosting a social media how-to in February to familiarize residents with Facebook, an important tool in modern-day elections.

Our Parc Communities staff takes pride in bringing our residents the best so they can be more informed and live happier, more fulfilled lives. For more information on our communities or to stay abreast of events at Parc, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.  You can also contact our office for more information or to schedule an appointment to experience our communities.

Is Your Brain Healthy? Study Shows Low Trans Fat Diets Help Keep Minds Sharp

While we have reported that brain engagement is of utmost importance in senior brain health, a study performed at Oregon Health and Science University and published in the journal Neurology shows that older individuals perform better on cognitive tests when they have higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins B, C, D and E in their blood. Individuals with higher levels of trans fats in their blood performed worse than their similarly aged counterparts.
Researchers were looking into the role nutrition plays in keeping an aging brain healthy. Of the 104 individuals involved in the study, the average age was 87 years old. The study shows that while trans fats are known to be a bane on cardiovascular health, they are also detrimental to brain health as well.
Parc Communities offers restaurant-style, fine dining with fresh, healthful options to help our residents maintain a balanced diet for better brain vitality. Along the same lines, studies have shown that brain engagement through activities like games, puzzles, and a regular exercise regimen are also important. To help our residents maintain the best quality of life, Parc Communities offer engaging and community-building activities like bridge club, ballroom dancing, and creative projects. Health is also a top priority at Parc which is why we offer a multitude of fitness and wellness activities like tai chi, water aerobics, and Ageless Grace®.
Study author Gene Bowman, an assistant professor of neurology, says that this research helps assert the notion that “trans fats are a big no-no for brain health” and emphasizes the importance of focusing on health for both the body and the brain. Parc Communities’ Duluth and Piedmont locations provide fun and interactive activities and events that help our residents build new friendships and stay healthy including regular outings to local restaurants and happenings.
Whether it’s a healthy diet, a regular exercise routine, or a community of friends, Parc Communities stand behind the motto, “Live Longer. Live Better.” Providing residents the finest quality and service is our passion, and what we love to do every day.
For more information about our community, contact our office. You can also connect with Parc Communities on Facebook and Twitter for the latest in senior living news.

This Weekend at Parc Communities

Parc Communities work with residents to provide an activities schedule that allows our seniors to take part in everything from exercise groups, special interest groups, to stay-at-home social activities. Check out our weekend:
This weekend Parc at Duluth residents can enjoy humor and music with Harry Cooksey this Friday evening. On Saturday, residents can choose from movie night or Wii activities at 7:30pm. Sunday offers varied religious services in the morning and shopping in the afternoon.
Parc at Piedmont residents have the chance to come to “Wine and Chit Chat” before entertainment from singer Raquel Bustos. On Saturday, weekly BINGO is at 1:00pm followed by a viewing of “The Jewel of the Nile” at 7:00pm. Sunday involves a trip to the Stand Theatre to see “The Odd Couple.”
Walking Club, Learning LAB, and Functional Fitness classes are all also part of the Parc Communities activity schedules. For those who would like to view the full calendars, visit the Duluth and Piedmont Calendar pages.
You can also stay in the loop with the best Parc events by connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Did You Know Parc Communities is on Facebook and Twitter?

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you may be wondering why we keep asking you to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. Similar to the reason we started our blog, social media helps us keep our residents, their children, and potential residents up-to-date on what’s happening at our Duluth and Piedmont (East Cobb) locations. We also believe that our social media profiles are another way to allow you to interact with us.

All you have to do is “like” our Facebook page and “follow” us on Twitter to connect. Whether you’d rather tweet @ParcCommunities (our twitter handle) or post a comment or question to our Facebook wall, we invite you to join the conversation.

In February, Parc Communities will even be hosting a social media class for our residents who would like to learn more about how to connect with their family, friends, and neighbors through social media. Be sure to stay to check back for more details soon!

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