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Parc Communities and Facebook: All My Friends in One Place

parc communitiesThe social media revolution has taken the internet by storm in just the past five years. We’re now reuniting with high school friends on Facebook, taking advantage of instant customer service via Twitter, and making business connections on LinkedIn. While most people see the internet revolution as something for young adults, older adults are not sitting back and watching a great opportunity pass them by.

According to a survey completed by the Pew Research Center, 20% of adults between 50 and 64 years old and 13% of adults 65 and over say they use a social media profile daily. These numbers are up drastically from previous years, showing that seniors are not afraid of new technology, but welcome the chance to learn and try new things. At the proceedings of the 2011 annual Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, researchers reported that most of these older adults were persuaded to sign up by friends.

Outside of the World Wide Web, a person’s actual social network has an important effect on mental and physical health. As we age, we’re at greater risk for social isolation as friends move away, mobility issues arise, and it becomes harder to take part in the activities we once enjoyed doing. Through senior living communities like Parc and online communities like Facebook, seniors are living more active lives after retirement with more social interaction and increased physical activity.

Because people often measure their quality of life based on their relationships with others, there’s benefit to both types of communities including bringing together old friends, connecting family members separated by distance, and making new friends with whom you can experience new things. Parc Communities fosters both personal friendships and an exploration of new experiences. Some of our residents have even ventured into a brave new world of iPads and are using them to learn about Facebook and how to use Skype.

Though we seem a little different at first, the Facebook community and Parc Communities are very similar. Both bring people together that normally may not see or hear from each other that often. We build and strengthen friendships and provide fun games and activities for those who would like to partake. To hear what our residents have to say about living the Parc life, check out our videos.

Contact our office for more information or to schedule a tour of one of our communities. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop regarding the latest senior living and retirement news.

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