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Staying Active Through the Summer

Summer is time for enjoying the nice weather and being active. At Parc Communities healthy living is a priority; June’s monthly wellness seminar will focus on the Great Outdoors and getting people to move more.  Parc Communities has numerous summer events planned to satisfy everyone’s interests including water aerobics, fitness groups, Wii play and more.  Physical fitness programs offer residents the opportunity to integrate balance, endurance, strength and of course socializing.

Why is activity important for seniors?

According to Dr. Gisele Wolf-Klein, the director of geriatric education at the North Shore-LIJ Health System in NY, continuing exercise routines is one of the best things an elderly individual can do for their health.  That’s why we offer exercise options to accommodate different residents’ lifestyles at Parc Communities.  Exercise is associated with lessening risk of cardiovascular problems, decreasing the possibility of cancer, and helping to minimize the risk of developing diabetes, just to name a few.  Besides all of these benefits, staying physically active helps increase overall energy, and who couldn’t use a little bit more energy?

Being physically active does more than make you strong, it also has numerous benefits for your social health.  All of the exercise activities at Parc Communities are done in groups and encourage socialization among residents to maintain a sense of community.

If you aren’t yet a regular exerciser, don’t worry, Parc Communities’ comprehensive Fitness and Wellness Programs are specifically tailored to your individual level of physical ability, skill and personal fitness goals.  Our unique programs allows you to choose what activities you are interested in to help you build a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

Check out all the events planned for June at Parc at Piedmont and Parc at Duluth.  To learn more about Parc Communities, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google +.  Please contact our office to schedule a visit to one of our locations!

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