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Thirty-Five or Ninety-Five: Ways to Feel Young No Matter Your Age

parc communitiesWhether you’re just turning thirty five or celebrating your century mark, there are plenty of ways to feel like you’re twenty-something again. Parc Communities’ residents know that one key to staying young at heart is spending time with the great friends and loving family that surround them at our premier senior living campuses. Here are some other stay young tips from our residents:

Support a cause you believe in! As we grow older, we risk becoming more isolated from friends and family. What better way to stay active than to get involved with a volunteer organization that you support. Whether you’re an animal lover and want to help out the local humane society, prefer volunteering at a food bank to feed needy families, or want to give back in other ways, volunteering not only helps the community, but can benefit you as well. A study performed at Johns Hopkins University found that older adults who volunteered showed mental and physical improvements like increased strength and endurance.

Learn something new! Always wanted to learn history or speak Italian? Now is the perfect time to hit the books. Whether you’d like to take on new gardening challenges or learn how to use Facebook, learning new things means you’re keeping your mind active, which is an important element in anti-aging.

Go outside! Parc Communities offer our residents the chance to explore their communities. In the past year, our calendars have included trips to Blue Ridge, Georgia to explore the autumn foliage and spring tours of Marietta and Kennesaw! Getting outside invigorates the senses, plus sunshine stimulates the production of serotonin—a natural mood booster. Just make sure to wear sunscreen!

Discover new hobbies! Retirement means we have more time to do the things we want. We tend to get in ruts when it comes to our activities. Scrabble on Thursdays, yoga on Saturdays. You get the picture. By trying new hobbies, you’re challenging your brain while finding more ways to enjoy yourself during your free time. Try photography, calligraphy, hiking, or knitting. Parc’s communities have schedules chock full of new things to try to keep our busy residents entertained. Who knows? You could find the next love of your life in miniature airplane building!

Practice daily gratitude! Parc residents do it best. Keep yourself young by constantly reminding yourself of all the people and things you’re thankful for. Thinking about everything you have to be grateful for keeps your spirits high and reminds us what rich and fulfilling lives we’ve led until this point. Not only does practicing gratitude keep you in a positive mindset, it also benefits your overall health and can ward off depression.

Staying young is a mental decision. Parc at Duluth and Parc at Piedmont residents show us every day that staying young at heart is easy as long as you have a positive attitude and are willing to try new things! Keep up with our busy schedules and what’s new at Parc by connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also find Parc at Duluth and Parc at Piedmont on Google+.

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