Welcome Home.

Listen to our residents share their experiences with Parc Communities—from friends and activities to exquisite dining and services. When you are a resident at Parc Communities, you are family.


This is a good place to be.

“There are some that feel probably like I did. “Do I really want to do this now? Am I really ready?’ It was where I needed to be. When the time comes, this is a good place to be.”

– Rose, Parc Communities Resident


You’re a welcome family member.

“I love the family environment, the care and concern people have here, the activities that are available to you… You’re a welcome guest, you’re a welcome family member. Friendly, loving warm people. You can’t beat that.”

– Chris, Parc Communities Resident


This is where I want to live.

“From the time I walked in the building I was impressed with the place. And I said to my brother, ’This is where I want to live’. It was just a warm, inviting environment.”

– Deloris, Parc Communities Resident


The people are just amazing here.

“We liked the people here right off. The people are just amazing here—just amazing how good people are to each other”

– Wayne, Parc Communities Resident


I feel safe.

“One of the things I really like is having a concierge here 24/7 because I feel like there’s always someone I can be in contact with and I feel safe.”

– Mary Ann, Parc Communities Resident


Everything is just taken care of for me.

“I just like the idea that I don’t have to worry about what to have for dinner and I don’t have to worry about mowing the lawn and everything is just taken care of for me.”

– Lu, Parc Communities Resident


It’s a lot better than a hotel.

“I’m happy to live here…I’ve met a lot of nice people… You can go, every day, to an activity… You can fix your apartment just like you want it… It’s not a hotel. It’s a lot better than a hotel.”

– John, Parc Communities Resident


This is home.

“I’ve been the most social that I think I have ever been… We have good friends that we knew from before. We’ve met a lot of new friends… It was so clear that we were welcome. This is home. Family.”

– Judy, Parc Communities Resident


Management personnel and staff is outstanding.

“The quality of the management personnel and staff is outstanding here… When we have something we want to say they listen to what we say. They want to know what we think and they try to react to it… We know we have the ear of management.”

– Stephen, Parc Communities Resident


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